LTRs getting nuked after travelling

The only mod stopping your Sims from traveling to the abyss. Did you end up there anyway? We'll try to help.
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LTRs getting nuked after travelling

Post by hoonigan » September 11th, 2019, 6:38 am

Basically title, my Sims' LTRs get completely wiped out around the first midnight after travelling using Traveler. It doesn't always happen consistently but when it does, it is around 11pm-2am of the first midnight after they arrive. (Before this, they are able to do everything fine, they retain the relationships, family tree etc, once arriving, until this point.)

All of their relationships, with each other and with sims from the home town are wiped out and their relationship panels are empty in all sections. Also, the family trees for each of the Sims becomes broken (presumably because they lose all their relationships) and the sim themself only shows as grey (as opposed their normal colouring).

Whenever they try to socialise with other sims it also just errors out.

I managed to catch it happening this time and it spat out a ScriptError file which I have attached at the bottom.

My installed mods are:
  • DebugEnabler
  • ErrorTrap
  • Hybrid
  • MasterController (With MC cheats)
  • Overwatch
  • Register
  • Traveler
My game is patch 1.67 (Steam) on Windows 10 with EPs ITF, Seasons, UL, Ambitions, Generations, LN, Pets and Showtime and also the Fast Lane Stuff pack.

I can also provide the save which this happens in (I saved before the relationships got wiped in this particular instance).

ScriptError file which was produced around the time all the relationships got removed:

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModVersion value="100"/>
<BuildVersion value=""/>
<Installed value="BaseGame, EP2, SP2, EP3, EP4, EP5, EP6, EP8, EP9, EP11"/>
<Enumerator value="8"/>

-- Script Errors --


Name: Karina Tule
Type: Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim
Object id: 0x814100a0f9356bd0
Position: (966.5007, 209.4156, 979.0511)
Room id: 6
Level: 2
Flags: InWorld, IsUsed
Lot: Sims3.Gameplay.Core.Lot
Lot Name: Floor 13 - 4br, 3ba
Lot Address: 70 Long Island Drive
IsValid: True
World: RiverView
OnVacation: True
Season: Winter
Posture: Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems.SittingPosture
Household: Tule
LotHome: Tristar Manor
Active Actor

Name: Karina Tule
Age: Elder
Gender: Female
SimDescriptionId: 12676226264744916144
LotHomeId: 7787005379145850688
HomeWorld: SunsetValley
Broken Genealogy
Valid: True
Species: Human
Household: Tule
Occult: None
Alien: 0.05316936
Career: <Unemployed>
School: <None>
Lot: Tristar Manor
Address: 340 Riverblossom Hills Drive
Skill Styling: 0
Skill Athletic: 8
Skill Charisma: 10
Skill Skating: 6
Skill Cooking: 2
Skill Hopscotch: 3
Skill Dancing: 3
Skill Diving: 2
Skill Table Tennis: 3
Skill Bowling: 3
Skill Science: 1
Skill Piano: 2
Skill Logic: 4
Skill Mixology: 0
Skill Nerd Influence: 10
Skill Rebel Influence: 0
Skill Chess: 5
Skill Jock Influence: 9
Skill Social Networking: 1
Skill Arcade Machine: 8
Skill Video Gaming: 2
Skill Writing: 0
Skill Advanced Technology: 6
Skill Acrobat Career: 0
Skill Homework: 5
Skill Pool: 3
Skill DJ Turntable: 0
Skill Photography: 0
Skill Foosball: 3
Skill Tattoo Art: 0
Trait Attractive
Trait Immune To Cold
Trait Steel Bladder
Trait Immune To Heat
Trait Dirt Defiant
Trait Hardly Hungry
Trait Good
Trait Charismatic
Trait Simmunity
Trait Entrepreneurial Mindset
Trait Jock
Trait Bookworm
Trait Neat
Trait Family-Oriented
Trait Friendly
Trait Nerd
Trait Office Hero
Trait Great Kisser

1: Play Chess With Deadshot Tule
2: Boo!

Counter: 3
Sim-Time: Sat. at 12:20 AM
Start-Time: 09/11/2019 17:51:43
PreLoadup-Time: 09/11/2019 18:53:38
Loadup-Time: 09/11/2019 22:04:35
Log-Time: 09/11/2019 22:20:42

System.NullReferenceException: A null value was found where an object instance was required.
#0: 0x00020 callvirt in Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.LongTermRelationship:CalculateLTRState (Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.LongTermRelationship/InteractionBits,single,Sims3.UI.Controller.LongTermRelationshipTypes,Sims3.Gameplay.Utilities.DateAndTime,Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Genealogy,Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Genealogy) ([18919835] [84.7031] [17] [vt:357F3E9C] [577F1D50] [577F18A0] )
#1: 0x0001c call in Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.LongTermRelationship:UpdateState () ()
#2: 0x00001 call in Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.LongTermRelationship:UpdateLTR () ()
#3: 0x004b1 call in Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.LongTermRelationship:UpdateLiking (single) (AFD8A730 [1] )
#4: 0x00090 callvirt in Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Sims3.Gameplay.Socializing.Relationship:UpdateRelationshipForGroupTalk (Sims3.Gameplay.CAS.SimDescription,Sims3.Gameplay.CAS.SimDescription) ([7FDAF000] [C9E38550] )
#5: 0x001af call in Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:DoGroupTalk (Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim/GroupTalkDelegate,Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim/GroupTalkDelegate,bool,bool,bool) (B30EC000 [00000000] [00000000] [1] [0] [0] )
#6: 0x00012 call in Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:DoGroupTalk (Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim/GroupTalkDelegate,Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim/GroupTalkDelegate,bool,bool) (B30EC000 [00000000] [00000000] [1] [0] )
#7: 0x0000e call in Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:DoGroupTalk (Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim/GroupTalkDelegate,Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim/GroupTalkDelegate,bool) (B30EC000 [00000000] [00000000] [1] )
#8: 0x00009 call in Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:TryGroupTalk () ()
#9: 0x00009 callvirt in Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.HobbiesSkills.ChessTable+PracticeChess:PracticeChessDelegate (Sims3.SimIFace.StateMachineClient,Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionInstance/LoopData) (A2655380 [B26B9870] [vt:357F3B74] )
#10: 0x00000 in Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionInstance+InsideLoopFunction:Invoke (Sims3.SimIFace.StateMachineClient,Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionInstance/LoopData) (5890B4D8 [B26B9870] [vt:357F3A84] )
#11: 0x00085 callvirt in Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.Interaction`2:DoLoop (Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.ExitReason,Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionInstance/InsideLoopFunction,Sims3.SimIFace.StateMachineClient,single) (A2655380 [-5652481] [5890B4D8] [B26B9870] [1] )
#12: 0x00014 ret in Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.Interaction`2:DoLoop (Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.ExitReason,Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionInstance/InsideLoopFunction,Sims3.SimIFace.StateMachineClient) (A2655380 [-5652481] [5890B4D8] [B26B9870] )
#13: 0x00152 stloc.u1 in Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.HobbiesSkills.ChessTable+PracticeChess:Run () ()
#14: 0x000db stloc.u1 in Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.Sims3.Gameplay.Interactions.InteractionInstance:RunInteractionWithoutCleanup () ()
#15: 0x00348 stloc.u1 in Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems.Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems.InteractionQueue:ProcessOneInteraction () ()
#16: 0x0011c stfld.u1 in Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:DoInteraction () ()
#17: 0x00015 br.s in Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sims3.Gameplay.Actors.Sim:Simulate () ()
#18: 0x00027 leave.s in ScriptCore.ScriptCore.ScriptProxy:Simulate () ()

Loaded Assemblies:
NRaasDebugEnabler: Version 54
NRaasErrorTrap: Version 100
NRaasHybrid: Version 10
NRaasMasterController: Version 134
NRaasMasterControllerCheats: Version 134
NRaasOverwatch: Version 122
NRaasRegister: Version 81
NRaasTraveler: Version 87

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LTRs getting nuked after travelling

Post by Chain_Reaction » September 12th, 2019, 6:58 am

Interesting. Those are the only mods you have installed? Can you confirm it doesn't happen without traveler installed? There's nothing in traveler that runs off alarms related to relationships that I'm aware of. I'd think it possibly more related to overwatch's nightly routine.

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LTRs getting nuked after travelling

Post by hoonigan » September 12th, 2019, 9:04 pm

Yep, those are the only mods I have installed.

Per your request, I traveled to Riverview again (from Sunset Valley) using Traveler and saved the game at roughly 11PM in game time while the relationships were still intact. I let the game keep running to around 1AM, by then the relationships got removed.

I exited to desktop without saving, disabled the Traveler mod (by renaming the package extension) and reloaded the 11PM save, and it got through the night without breaking up the relationships.

So, relationships stayed intact after the night had passed, without Traveler, but now I have no way to return home as Traveler is disabled and some functionality isn't working properly (the game is now considering Riverview as the home world if I reload after this point with Traveler re-enabled).

Not sure if this is of any significance but all of the ScriptError files which are related to the sims which get the relationships removed have the "Broken Genealogy" line in the log, where it usually says "Proper Genealogy" for other sims.

Edit: I also did the same thing again but with disabling Overwatch as opposed to Traveler, and the relationships were still removed, so this leads me to think that it's an issue with Traveler somehow.

Edit 2: Running "fix relationships" and "fix genealogy" immediate commands in the vacation world (Riverview) on Overwatch sort of fixes some stuff, the Sims regain their marriage relationships to each other but two sims who are brothers don't get re-linked, and all the homeworld sims are still missing from the relationships and family trees.

If I run these two commands in the homeworld after they travel back home, it fixes everything (relinks all the family members and relationships except for one parent who is dead) but of course that's not quite a fix for the problem - I want to be able to play properly in the vacation world.

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LTRs getting nuked after travelling

Post by Chain_Reaction » September 13th, 2019, 3:03 am

Very peculiar. Are you altering the vacation mode at all (treat as vacation false) while in the vacation world? What are these sims homeworld? Can you provide access to the save where this is occurring via a file share site?

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LTRs getting nuked after travelling

Post by hoonigan » September 13th, 2019, 8:03 am

As far as I know, the vacation mode and Traveler settings should all be default. The sims homeworld is Sunset Valley.

I have zipped and uploaded the save file (in-game time of 11PM on the first night after arriving, just before the relationships, family tree etc will break) to Google Drive here, I can also upload it to some other service if need be.

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LTRs getting nuked after travelling

Post by Chain_Reaction » Yesterday, 8:33 am

Great, I'll get back to you on this. Please leave the files on the drive as I need to grab them on my development PC.

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