This mod provides the ability to alter which interactions are autonomous and/or user-directed via an in-game interface, both ITUN and SocialData based. It also allows altering the value of most non-table-based tunable fields normally available in _XML tuning.

The alteration can be made to operate within a set time-frame during the sim-day, allowing for different values at night, as well as different values per season.

Tunings Download for patch 1.67/69
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Note : Using the "Total Reset" in the mod will not immediately reset all ITUN settings back to their defaults.
This mod only applies to non-immediate interactions, which are the only interactions that contain ITUN information
Only non-table-based _XML fields are tunable via this mod.
The mod does not allow users to add or remove array elements from array-based tuning fields.

Version 10 Compatiable with 1.69
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Tuning Description Contributors This file contains the empty template used to load tuning alterations via the Retuner base-mod.

Since this package is empty, you must populate the file yourself using the results of the "Export Tuning" option available in the mod.
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