This mod disables the censor grid (aka the mosaic blur) shown when Sims shower or use the bathroom. The effect is not immediate, but is delayed by 250 real-time milliseconds.

Tunings Download for patch 1.67/69
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This approach to anti-censorship will not impact any other visual effect system in the game.
As of Phase Six, the mod is now able to remove the censor if your sims are on the world lot (the lot between the playable lots).
This mod is compatible with all known mods. However it is not necessary if you are using Note that changing the in-game options will not immediately re-enable the censor. The censor will appear the next time the Core game requires it.

Version 14 Compatiable with 1.69
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Tuning Description Contributors This file contains the defaults for the mod, and as such is only useful for those interested in setting global defaults. It is completely unnecessary to install this file, unless you intend to change the contents. User avatar twallan