This is a core-mod intended to catch and correct data corruption errors that can render a save-game unloadable. Any corruption errors that can not be corrected will be trapped and logged, allowing the save-game to load regardless. Unhandled script errors may be posted on the forum for review and possible repair.

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Use Delphy's Dashboard to test this mod for any conflicts with other installed core-mod prior to use.

Version 100 Compatiable with 1.69
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Tuning Description Contributors This tuning allows you to set the default time in Sim minutes a filter should cache it's results. Mods with in game options to change this setting will override this. User avatar Chain_Reaction This tuning enables exception reporting for OnProcessEventCallback. These fire whenever a UI event occurs (such as clicking on something). This covers the entire UI (unlike Selector which just covers the object picker) and can be helpful when tracking down why clicking something doesn't respond as expected. User avatar Chain_Reaction This tuning enables the "Show Debugging" by default. Those mods which have in-game debugging options will ignore this tuning if you have already saved the game with the option disabled. User avatar twallan This tuning hides all the mod menus while "testingcheatsenabled" is turned off. User avatar twallan This file provides the ability to silence recurring errors that are a minor nuisance, and for which I have yet to find an appropriate correction.
NOTE: Do not use this approach as an excuse to stop reporting errors to me. Silencing the error does not mean the error is gone, it is merely going unreported.

  • The XML is formatted as a Table.
  • To customize, open in your favorite package editor, and add new sets to the end of the table.
  • For example, add this to the table, and it will silence bluegenjutsu's "ScoreInteractions" script error:
<ExceptionStack>Sims3.Gameplay.Autonomy.Sims3.Gameplay.Autonomy.Autonomy:ScoreInteractions (Sims3.Gameplay.Autonomy.CommodityInteractionMap)</ExceptionStack>
User avatar twallan With the introduction of the dereferencing system in ErrorTrap a number of users have found that loading their extremely large towns has become intolerably slow.

As a solution, I provide the "DisableDereferencing" tuning file, which disables that particular system in the mod. Only use this tuning file if you are encountering an unacceptable slowdown during load-up.
User avatar twallan While debugging is enabled in ErrorTrap, the mod automatically dumps a sorted list of all references found during loadup. This process can be extremely lengthy, and stalls the load-up process while running.

Installing this tuning package disables that process, and allows you to use the Common_DebugTuning.package without the delay.
User avatar twallan When installed, this file forces ErrorTrap to ignore saved task state information, effectively resetting all persisted tasks.

To be used only to correct issues where the save-file crashes on load-up after switching out Core-Mods. Once the save-file loads, use "Save As" and then uninstall the tuning.
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