Porter Does porter mod save my family tree?

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Does porter mod save my family tree?

Post by defneaktrk » August 28th, 2019, 6:59 pm

I have one legacy family and I want to port them to a new town but I dont want the lose my family tree so does porter mod erase family three or when I port them will I be able to see the whole family tree including the dead ones and the ones that are not in the household currently ????:D:)

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Does porter mod save my family tree?

Post by igazor » August 28th, 2019, 7:37 pm

Porter will only preserve family and other relationships among the sims, both living and dead by way of their remains, who are portered (packed) up together and unloaded into a new world. All sims left behind, again living and dead, and the world itself are no longer in play going forward within that ongoing save. They are gone, as if they never existed and thus will not be on family trees.

Porter is made for moving large segments of a world's population to a new world, not really for one household. A better way to move a single household to a new world while keeping the sims they know and are related to along with their prior world still in the game is to use Traveler instead.
Traveler-FAQ#Is-it-possible-to-switch-h ... ermanently

However, you were having issues with Traveler -- have those been resolved?

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