Downtime Possible Over Next 2 Weeks

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Downtime Possible Over Next 2 Weeks

Post by floopyboo » January 7th, 2019, 8:54 pm

I just wanted to pop in and say thanks.

Firstly, for relocating NRAAS on pretty short notice (in website terms) so that we continue to have this place.
Secondly, for porting over as much of everything as you could - the conversations, the accounts, the pictures. I can't imagine it was easy.
Thirdly, for putting up your own time and money, OVER XMAS, to protect our little slice of the internet.
Fourthly, for not letting this all break you. It would have done me in on the first count.

So since you've fielded many complaints about how the changeover was implemented, I just wanted to pop by and voice my gratitude. I've been off the site for as long as I could, popping by once a month or so to check in & see how the teething issues were going. Trying very hard to not be a burden on an already overloaded system. Trying to be patient as it was obvious to me that you were doing everything you could, and then some, to get this transitioned as smoothly as possible. So thanks. For all of it. Because without every thing you have done, we wouldn't have this.

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