A bunch of mods make my game crash??

Why won't that blasted mod show up in game? Hopefully we know!
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A bunch of mods make my game crash??

Post by Pinkgirl4you » December 28th, 2018, 9:29 pm

Gosh, I hate to do this to you. But is there anything that can solve my freezing issue? It literally stops for like, eight seconds. Then works properly for like, ten seconds. Then stops again. Blah blah so on.
its very annoying. Do you perhaps have any advice on how to solve this? 😣

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A bunch of mods make my game crash??

Post by igazor » December 28th, 2018, 10:19 pm

Do not play with the Kinky mod (you'll have to start a new game). And does such a new game behave better?

Do not play in Isla Paradiso or Bridgeport without fixing them up first; Bridgeport isn't usually that bad, Isla P can be impossible.

Clear (delete) the five cache files on the top level of the TS3 user game folder in Documents before starting up the game. They will each regenerate, but they can get clogged with stale information if they aren't cleared out somewhat regularly.

Be sure that the NRaas mods that are designed to improve performance are in play -- Overwatch, ErrorTrap, Traffic, Register, to some extent GoHere. And use MasterController to do a Reset Everything from City Hall's Town Menu to see if that helps.

And a ton of other tips to enhance performance can be found on this page. But beyond that we will have to start talking about the specs of the computer you are playing on -- processor, RAM, graphics card, how much hard drive space is free.

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