Woohooer doesn't let me interact teens with adults or vice versa

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Woohooer doesn't let me interact teens with adults or vice versa

Post by SimsPlayer99 » December 31st, 2018, 11:40 am

Hi how are you guys, this is my first topic in the community. I have a problem, I installed the woohooer mod following all the instructions, in the game I have a teenager (male) and I want him to have woohoo with an adult sim (female) but the romantic interactions never show up in the options, I can interact with other teenagers (both genders) but not with adults and I have already activated the "adult-teen romantic interactions" option and the "Unlock interactions for teens".

When I'm playing with my teen (male) that has a relationship with other teen (female), it doesn't let me go for a baby cause the option appears locked.

I have 2 adult sims (female and male) and they can interact with other young adults and adults (both genders) but not with teenagers because the romantic interactions never show up.

My version of the game is

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english haha :).

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Woohooer doesn't let me interact teens with adults or vice versa

Post by igazor » December 31st, 2018, 1:38 pm

Hi there, and welcome to NRaas. Your English is fine. :)

Teen woohoo is blocked by the game core and is not unblocked by Woohooer by default. On City Hall or an in-game computer, NRaas > Woohooer > Woohoo > Allow Teen Woohoo must be set to True. Then on the same menu, Allow Teen-Adult Woohoo will show up and that needs to be set to True as well.

Unlock Actions for Teens doesn't have anything to do with woohooing, that's for a small number of other related interactions like Take Romantic Picture With and playing Juice Pong which are otherwise also blocked.

On your Teen-Older couple, if you have StoryProgression in play and the two mods are linked (as they are by default), then you must explicitly allow the age castes (Teen, YA, Adult, Elder if wanted) in SP to flirt, romance, and impregnate each other or else the Woohooer settings alone won't be enough to unlock things. The other way to approach this is to break the link between the two mods.
NRaas > Woohooer > General > Link to StoryProgression > (T/F)

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