Attempting to woohoo in tent that's in inventory

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Attempting to woohoo in tent that's in inventory

Post by theweakestlink » June 14th, 2016, 3:03 pm

Today I happened to notice a couple of failures while letting my Sims run around autonomously. Twice, one of them queued up a woohoo in a tent. Now that would be fine -- except in this case the tent was in her inventory! The result was that the two Sims went through the make-out foreplay and then dropped the action. (I was watching with interest to see if she would go find a place to pitch the tent, but sadly that didn't happen.)

Is it within the ability of this mod to prevent attempts to woohoo in objects that are in a Sim's inventory? Perhaps adjacent to the logic preventing them from trying to use objects that aren't "in the world" due to seasons? :)

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