64bit version releasing on mac?!

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64bit version releasing on mac?!

Post by kkaizer » October 12th, 2019, 7:42 pm


Have you guys seen this news?
They are releasing 64 bit version of the Sims 3!!
Should i change my PC to mac...?
Will this make this game much faster and better??
Also, I think this means they are capable of reworking on the sims 3, right?
Hope they release 64bit version for PC soon...

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64bit version releasing on mac?!

Post by igazor » October 12th, 2019, 8:09 pm

Yes, we have seen this and yes, you should absolutely obtain a Mac if the macOS ecosystem for other uses interests you (my colleagues here will not necessarily agree, but what can you do). But alas no, not for TS3 unless you intend to Bootcamp Windows onto it and continue to play the Windows version of the game. :(

EA is not as far as we can tell reworking and releasing a 64-bit version of TS3 for Mac. What they are doing is patching up the 32-bit version for compatibility so that it will run on the latest macOS, Catalina, which is currently being released and which is not capable of running 32-bit applications at all. What remains to be seen is if this new patched up version, to be released sometime in 2020, will lift the draconian 2 GB RAM usage limit that has plagued Mac players since the beginning (let's hope so), or the 4 GB 32-bit limit that we all face (unknown, but probably not). Whatever patch level this thing they are working out will have will of course be supported here once we get our hands on it, although it's possible it will be the same 1.69 level that Windows players through Origin are on.

In any event, it's more the external wrapper that "tricks" the system and allows the game to run in the macOS environment that is being worked on. We have no evidence that the game files themselves are being touched. EA never arranged for a proper port of TS3 into the macOS like they did for TS1, 2, and 4 and it seems impossible to us that they are getting their hands dirty and doing so now without having farmed such a project out to a third party like Aspyr who did at least two of the other ports.

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