What would cause this?

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What would cause this?

Post by JohnL83 » October 11th, 2019, 12:31 pm

I have a game that I was playing today, Twinbrook. I have not played this town in some time and I found an odd glitch that I don't quite understand. Perhaps someone can help me troubleshoot what may have occurred, be it a glitch or something I may have done and forgot?

I was checking out the townies via City Hall and wanted to see who is what age and what families have had babies..etc. When I did this I used Nraas>Sim>Personal>Type of Sim>Human>Resident. I found that I had a couple of sims who'd not aged up. That happens sometimes I know, Overwatch is supposed to fix them and I did double check to see it was set to do so and it was.
I'd played a couple of Sims days before checking the town so IDK why it didn't fix any aging up issues during that time. But that wasn't the really weird thing...
One of my families had a daughter who was a child as far as looks, (I know not just from the pic but one of my sims had her over to play before I did this check) but the game said she was only 47 days old. Baby to Toddlers are set at 65 days total and children have always been set at 125 (aging up at 190) and Teens are 175 (aging up at 365) I have no idea how this child ended up younger than a toddler but still looking like a child. I am quite sure this family had no toddler last time I played and she should have only been a week or so younger than her next oldest sibling who was 75. Has anyone else just had a sim become younger than they are supposed to be? Even if she'd wished this or ate a younger potion or Ambrosia she shouldn't have aged beyond her appeared age I would think.:huh:

I also had a couple of teens who moved out on their own but they are not supposed to be able to do that and yes my settings reflect this. Not a huge deal, I just put them back home and found that it was a bedding issue which I fixed. But should teens be moving out on their own if I have the town set to not allow this?

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What would cause this?

Post by littlelambsy » Today, 1:06 am

Not sure how to fix the problems you're having, but to stop anyone from moving out of a household you can set Allow Move to False by clicking on the household map tag: Nraas > SP > General > Options: Household > Allow Move = False.
Not sure if you can do this for individual sims in the house by clicking on them.... could try it and see if there's any options for that.

Just a thought, but what are your tagger settings set at for Age. Is it set to show age in days or years?

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