How can I turn off startling lightning for pets?

No one knows everything this mod can do. Did you know you can tune the size of your sims nostrils with this mod? I'm kidding.
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How can I turn off startling lightning for pets?

Post by justsomething » October 1st, 2019, 8:17 pm

I hate how they sometimes run long distances for no reason from this

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How can I turn off startling lightning for pets?

Post by Chain_Reaction » October 3rd, 2019, 3:00 am

The tuning for this is table based so to really adjust it for only lightning you'd need to make a tuning mod that edits the PetStartleBehavior XML. In there you can adjust the chance and distance for each startle type.

However if you want to stick to Retuner, there's a few avenue's. If just the running bothers you, you can adjust Sims3.Gameplay.Actors \ Sim \ PetStartle \ kRunAwayDistances and set it to 0, 0. Note this stops them from running away with all startle types and not just lightning.

If the running and the startle bothers you, you can adjust how long in between startles and set it to a really high number if you'd like (this is in Sim minutes). You can find the values under Sims3.Gameplay.ActorSystems \ PetStartleBehavior. You're looking for kStartleCooldownTimeNormal which covers all pets except those with the Skittish, adventurous, brave and nervous traits which you'll notice have their own cooldowns you can adjust. Again this applies to all and not just lightning.

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