Relativity Trying to activate it over and over again

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Trying to activate it over and over again

Post by tigersgrowl » August 15th, 2019, 1:07 pm

xHey y'all!

I am familiar with what MODs are and what they do but am completely aloof on how to get Relativity working. This, along side the NoCD MOD, are the only two I am interested in. I should also mention that I am new to playing the game and only am playing it because someone gave me a copy of the game along with a few expansions. Feel free to dumb down the solution as much as possible because I have followed the instructions to a T but to no avail. No CD is working just fine and I have Relativity in the same exact folder (Documents/Mods/Packages). Made sure the game version is up to day (v. 1.69), made sure that all mod files are in the Documents (for Windows 10) and not in the regular C:/Program x86 and everything. Thanks for the help.

- B

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Trying to activate it over and over again

Post by igazor » August 15th, 2019, 1:36 pm

Hi there. Might be missing something here, but I think the first thing we have to ask is how you would be using the NoCD mod if you are on Patch 1.69. That patch is delivered by Origin and is for Origin managed installs only -- these do not require CDs for authentication as Origin takes care of that itself unless this is really a retail disc install that then became managed by Origin (which is also possible). The rest of us who are not on Origin for Windows managed installs are current on Patch 1.67.

So, in other words, what exactly is the source of your game install and is Origin now managing it?

I will also point out though that regardless mods do not go into Documents\Mods\Packages. The mods need to be within the TS3 user game folder,so that's inside of Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages, and the required Resource.cfg file needs to be placed into Mods, outside but alongside of Packages. But perhaps this is what you meant and you were only using some form of folder shorthand above?

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