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Tuning jobs??

Posted: July 13th, 2019, 10:38 am
by JohnL83
I know this subject has been discussed before. In fact I remember asking about this a while back, but I tried searching and didn't find what I wanted. I also don't think that I asked about tuning the job, only asked why it's so hard to keep the job requirements smiling!

Now I want to tune DOWN the requirements on job extras such as lectures, interviews, etc. It's really annoying to me that these seem to always be in the red or a frowning face no matter how much my sim delivers. For instance, I have several sims in education jobs in several of my the game I'm playing right now my sim is a Level 10 District administrator at the school and he literally does 3 lectures after work every day he's scheduled to work and I often have him give two or 3 on his days off as well! Yet that damn face is still frowning at me or just barely smiling. I mean how many damn lectures can a sim give??? It's idiotic! I tallied the last week for my sim and he gave 12 lectures in a 5 day work week and the damn smiley thing was barely yellow. :x I know this can just be ignored, but it bugs me like my sim isn't fulfilling his work requirements, even though by any real standards he's going above and beyond what any real person would be doing. I tried to find this in retuner, but I am not sure which of the options tells how many I should give to fulfill the requirements. I don't see that specific thing. so I got irritated and came here to ask. Please help me!

Tuning jobs??

Posted: July 13th, 2019, 1:12 pm
by igazor
There's a number of job metrics like that one that never make any sense. In the Medical career, the sim is supposed to read up on their medical journals on their own time, but the smiley metric only advances at most one slot when they do so -- it's a 1 or 0, yes they read them or no they didn't kind of thing. Anyway, I think it's supposed to help those in the Education career if they spend a significant amount of time during work hours working on their lectures with the corresponding career tone, thus reducing whatever the unreasonable after-hours requirement might be.

If the sim has progressed that far already anyway, then it doesn't sound like the poor metric score is hurting them that much or at all. Perhaps it would be more efficient if we helped you learn to ignore it? Failing that, I believe a standalone mod rather than Retuner would be required to adjust things like that.

Tuning jobs??

Posted: July 14th, 2019, 9:58 pm
by JohnL83
igazor post_id=67506 time=1563037937 user_id=6716 wrote: Perhaps it would be more efficient if we helped you learn to ignore it?
I'm doing better with it now. I did consider that maybe having him give lectures while actually on the job may be more effective. It's funny, with the CEO career you can pretty much hold meetings at every rabbithole, I tallied 22 meetings in one week and I still didn't have a fully green smiley by the end of the work week. Perhaps I could just place a sticker over the smiley when it appears on screen...LOL! Kidding of course...

I read though all the tuning again, I did find that particular thing about lectures and didn't really see where to turn that part down or make lectures more effective. Then I did remember making a change to the writing one once with Journalism and it did some pretty odd things to my game and Sittingbear suggested that I put it back ASAP. The problem went away, so I think tuning those is a bad idea.

So I will just let it go, let it go....let it goooooo! :D :cry: