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Disable Autonomy for Certain Objects

Posted: April 22nd, 2019, 4:05 pm
by arathea
Some time ago I build a gym and put down some pottet plants as decoration. Now all sims that didn't get a free treadmill or other machines ran for the plants to view them, totally ignoring the pool, stereo, tv and hot tub. I did disable autonomy to view the plants with Retuner and didn't think too much that I only had to do it for one plant. Now I discovered that it also disabled autonomy for everything that can be viewed which means that at a museum or everywhere else sims ignore paintings, statues and other decorations.
Is there a way to use Retuner to disable autonomy just for certain objects like plants and other specific objects (I had a museum where sims were crowding the restrooms to view the soap dispensers and towels X) ) or do I need tuning mods for that?