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Couple of questions about SP

Posted: May 15th, 2019, 10:35 am
by JohnL83
First off, I have SP set to give sims dream jobs but it doesn't always do this. I understand this wont always work for some careers if it's not a Rabbit hole thing, but I have one game where there are many sims not fulfilling their dream jobs and several ARE rabbit hole jobs like Culinary and Athlete and a few in the music biz. It doesn't seem to be about how many are in whatever position. Some of the jobs the game will put them in can have upwards of 3 or more sims already working that job type, leaving their dream job with fewer employees. I end up just fixing it myself when I discover this, but if there's any advice as to why this can occur and if I can fix it to be automatic in most cases I am all ears...or eyes.

Second, in SP Careers, Job Performance, there is a setting that says "promote on the job". What exactly does that mean? It's default is False, so I'm wondering what that may change and I didn't see a description or missed seeing it in the FAQ's

Couple of questions about SP

Posted: May 15th, 2019, 10:25 pm
by igazor
I've never really understood the algorithm used with Dream Jobs. It should be up to the sims' LTW when they have a career-specific one, but there may be other factors as to why it takes hold sometimes but not others.

Under EA standard, if a sim reaches and maintains a Job Performance level of 100 at the end of their shift, they should get a raise, promotion, and possibly a bonus (unless Only One May Lead or something like that is in play to get in the way). If they were already at Level 10, they should at least get a raise or whatever it is you have SP set to provide for already maxed out career levels. If they "bottom out and are still at whatever the low performance threshold is at the end of their shift, they stand to get demoted.

With Promote on the Job, these things will happen mid-shift right away whenever the sim reaches 100 (or -100 or whatever the bottoming out threshold is). I never use this setting because I think it has a reputation for messing up the sim's work days/hours on the day of and following a promotion, although that may be more like a rumor or something I am not remembering quite right.