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My world is generating new sims with the last name of my saved sims. (Due to the SP settings I set I guess)

Posted: May 9th, 2019, 9:05 am
by lulireyes1
Hello! So, I've just started playing on an empty world and I readed here how could I populate it faster by using SP, I downloaded a few sims so I could avoid the pudding faces by increasing the chance of sims being generated based on bin folder.
Thing is, at first, every new sim had the last name of my active sim (I suppose the game extracted features from mine) then, as sims were generated, some of them had the last name of other sims of my bin folder. Actually, they had like a double last name, the one the game gave to them and the one (I suppose) the sim had features from. But this doesn't happen with every sim, there's a few portion (Non Npc's) that have arrived to my world with a regular name so I guess that's because of the 20% chance I set for random EA sims.
I know I could just change their last names one by one, but oh my god that will take forever! And even if I did, the game will keep generating these double last name sims. Anyway, did I do something wrong? I checked the change name section (And other options as well, maybe I could find something to fix it) and I found something about sims using the last names of their mothers or fathers or when they get married wether to use old names or new names. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that is not gonna help me haha. Anyone has any ideas of what can I do to solve this problem? If it means starting on a new world it wouldn't be an issue, I just want this to stop, I don't know who is who and I'm so confused! Thank you so much in advance!

My world is generating new sims with the last name of my saved sims. (Due to the SP settings I set I guess)

Posted: May 9th, 2019, 11:43 am
by igazor
When a sim is created using the genetics of those in the sim bin or already in your world, what happens is that two temporary sims are called into being behind the scenes to be the "parents" but actually just act as genetic donors for the new sim. They are destroyed as soon as the new sim is formed and are not "real parents" in the sense that they do not appear on anyone's family trees.

If you have SP set to pick up the names of these genetic donors and make them hyphenated, then that would be where they are coming from for the non-randomly generated sims.

NRaas > SP > General Options > Options: Lots > Options: Immigration/Emigration > Immigrant Name > (there should be at least one option there, I think it's called "Random," that does not use the surnames of the genetic donors)

Changing the surnames of sims who already exist by now may be a bit tedious but should not take forever, there is a MasterController command to do that.