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Trouble Finding Options in SP & more questions

Posted: April 27th, 2019, 12:37 am
by raeholl
I've been using the nraas mods for a while now and am starting to explore options I've never used before, but I'm a little confused on how some of these features work.

I see people using the money management mods on here a lot, but I only see "accounting" in my menu and no other options. I have the money mods, but I'm not seeing the options to change bills/property taxes. When I click accounting, it just gives me a notification detailing the family funds.

I can't seem to find the right pathways to use the personalities feature. Do you have to "add" a personality, similar to castes? Or are there pre-determined personalities? When I use master controller for a sim, it shows the option to make them a personality leader, but when I select this it appears like nothing happens. I didn't really understand the personalities feature before but now that I've read up on it, it seems really interesting. I have "clans" in my town that I manage through the caste system and I try to relate them to certain careers. I have the family career mod and have assigned a "family" caste to a household in my town, then designated one of the sims as the boss using SP. But I think it would be interesting if I could also make this sim a personality leader, and the family caste an associated personality. Is this possible?

Also, what exactly is an occult?

And on the logic of the mods. I'm having trouble testing some of my caste arrangements. I'm not totally sure how priority works. If a sim holds several castes, does it only prioritize castes that are assigned a priority number? i.e. if I have 3 added castes and a sim is part of all three but only two of the castes are assigned priority numbers, does the sim take on the restrictions of the priority caste AND the non-priority? Or does having a number trump all acquired castes? Also, am just generally confused about the numbering of the priority.

Similarly, how do caste restrictions work when you use both a disabled and allowed list? If I say caste A is allowed to have 1 career, does that cancel out all other careers? Or would I have to disable the rest? And vice versa. If I have two castes I want to relate to one another, like an upper and middle class caste, do I have to allow/disable interactions between them in the options of both castes for it to work?

That's it for now, thanks for reading! These mods are awesome and my sincere thanks to those working so hard to keep up the documentation here. :)

Trouble Finding Options in SP & more questions

Posted: April 27th, 2019, 5:08 am
by igazor
Hi there. Sounds like you're just beginning to appreciate and get into some of the more advanced SP features. That's always nice to hear about. :)

1 - Not sure which money mods you are referring to collectively (Ani's maybe?), but most of the financial options built into SP require the SP Money add-on module. Do you have this one? Many of its functions require SP's progression to be activated/in control, in fact most of the functions you are talking about require this. On City Hall or an in-game computer, NRaas > SP > General Options > Enable Progression > True. With SP Money and progression activated, you should see a host of Money related options under both SP > Town/Household/Caste/Sim Options for the hierarchical ones and SP > General Options > Options: Money for the overall ones.

2 - Which of the SP Personality modules do you have in play? You may want to start out with only one or two, many of us find trying to engage all of them at once to be far too overwhelming.

3 - An occult is an alternate life state. They include ghosts, witches, vampires, fairies, plant sims, werewolves, unicorns, imaginary friends, mermaids, grim reapers...there's about 18 in all. How many you have in play and available to you depends on how many and which Expansion Packs (EPs) you have.

4 - All castes have a Priority of 0 by default. If a sim belongs two or more castes that have conflicting settings, for purposes of each setting individually the one coming from the highest Priority caste will win out. Think of the multiple castes as being simultaneously overlayed upon the sim. For settings that are not conflicting, they will all apply. If a sim belongs to two or more castes that have conflicting settings but with the same Priority (0 or otherwise), then the results for each conflicting setting will be random.

But it is not the case that a lower Priority caste doesn't get applied in favor of a higher one. It's a setting by setting thing.

Also note that Sim Options will always trump Caste Options no matter how many castes the sim belongs to and what their Priorities may be. The hierarchy goes Town > Lot > Household > Caste > Sim. Settings flow down from left to right, explicit settings on the right trump those on the left.

5 - Where the options allow something from a list (a caste, career, etc.), that list is meant to be exclusive. If the options disallow something from such a list, that means all other possibilities are allowed. So to take careers for example, if you allow a caste to be in the Medical and Science careers, then all others are understood to be disallowed. If you instead disallow those two careers, then all others are understood to be allowed (unless there is a caste of higher Priority or a Sim Option that says otherwise). Allowed lists and Disallowed lists should not be used for the same concepts (e.g., careers) at the same time else the results will be more random and unstable than expected.

6 - Probably not on the two-way relationship setting thing, but it doesn't hurt to account for these things in both directions if they are meant to be associating (coupling) with each other exclusively. It depends on the context. If you said Middle Class can only romantically couple with Middle and Upper Class for example, then the Upper Class is still free to couple with sims who fall into neither.

That was quite a bit for one post. Did I hit all of the major questions okay?

Trouble Finding Options in SP & more questions

Posted: April 27th, 2019, 12:13 pm
by raeholl
Thanks so much! Yes, you've answered all the questions, and I'm realizing now I didn't have some of the extra story progression modules. So that's probably my issue with personalities as well. I don't think I have any of those add-ons in my folder, is there somewhere I can find them?

Trouble Finding Options in SP & more questions

Posted: April 27th, 2019, 1:51 pm
by igazor
Like several of the mods, SP is a base mod that has optional add-on modules (so do MasterController, Careers, and Woohooer). The modules are always available from the same place as the base mods.

This is the SP download page. Scroll down a bit and you will see six "regular" add-on modules and the six optional SP Personality modules. They are unfortunately arranged alphabetically, we have to fix that, but what I refer to as the regular ones are SP Career, Extra, Money, Population, Relationship, and Skill.

This is the master Interactions page for SP. The commands that require an add-on to be present are indicated as such throughout -- the other mods that actually have command menus are arranged the same way so there should never need to be any guessing as to what is needed for a command to show up or what it's supposed to do.