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Childbirth Mod

Posted: April 29th, 2019, 6:51 pm
by sms2lynn
I have desired real life labor and delivery in my game every since Sims 2. So I learned blender and have created my own animations. The good folks over at LL advised me to contact you for assistance in creating a mod. I have tried to learn modding but it just doesn't seem to stick in my head so any help that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Example of the mod I am desiring (and willing to share with the community)
* Mod opens with water breaking after so many hours of pregnancy. (I do not like 3 day pregnancy so this must be changeable)
* I have built a Hospital/Birthing Center and would like the start of labor to trigger Sims "checking in" to the Center.
* Upon check in Sim will choose a birth type (natural/vaginal) or c-section
* Various labor animations will be carried out of a course of time leading to the final animation which is pushing and delivery of Sim baby
****My animations include baby actually coming out of mom's vaginal so I would like to have this replace EA's birth animation****If this cannot be done then is it possible to create this as an "alternate" birth option.

Eagerly awaiting your reply
Sim Fan Forever (SFF)

Childbirth Mod

Posted: April 29th, 2019, 8:39 pm
by igazor
I am certain this post will get our developer's attention when he can get to it. But while we're waiting, I would have to ask if you already have the skill set required for script modding -- can you already code in C#, the scripting language of the game? I believe some familiarity with .NET will also be needed. The resources we can refer those interested to in creating script mods, which from the sound of it this would need to be, wouldn't make too much sense I'm afraid without those prerequisites.

Congrats on learning how to animate though. That must have taken a lot of time/patience. The two skill sets, animation and script modding, don't intersect on the same developer very often.