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Some questions regarding Slider Multiple settings

Posted: November 9th, 2018, 5:29 pm
by kittykatmeow10
Hey there,

One of the mods I used to use a lot before switching over to NRAAS was Consort's 2x Weight and Fitness Integration over on MTS. The description states that NRAAS's Master Controller is cabable of producing the same effects, and I believe that. 

There was one main thing I was wondering--- does changing the slider multiple affect natural weight/muscle gain/loss as well (such as through exercise/overeating, or gradual weight/muscle shifts that occur over the course of time)? Or does weight/muscle have to be manually set by using "Edit in CAS" options or by using the "Set Weight"/"Set Muscle" options? 
Because I am one weirdo simmer who plays with their sims in all sorts of ways, I like to have my sims go through dramatic body changes without changing their base weight/muscle, so if I choose to revert them back to their original appearance that I can do so without having to catalog their weight/fitness values externally. 

Also, does the slider multiple setting only affect individual sims? Is there a way to have changes to the slider multiple apply to every sim in town at once? Consort's mod seemed to have accomplished this, and I would like it if MasterController could as well. 

And another thing--- does changing the multiple affect how fat/thin sims can get through the Body Sculptor or through use of Alchemy elixers? For example, if I used the "Large and In Charge" potion (the one that sets their Weight to 1.0, the maximum possible default weight) on a sim, and I set their slider multiple to 2.0, will their Weight be set to 1.0 or 2.0? I am unclear on whether default game items function off of preset Weight values or if they use some sort of weight/muscle multiplier themselves, such as what appears to be the case with the Body Sculptor (considering it has multiple "power" settings). 

Some questions regarding Slider Multiple settings

Posted: November 9th, 2018, 6:15 pm
by igazor
What MC can do is change the range of allowable slider settings.

What Consort's 2X W/F mod does is prevent the sims from "snapping back" to settings within EA-range on their own. It is not a duplication of functionality. I've been using Consort's mod for many years alongside of NRaas and they work fine together. Note that Consort's mod is a Core Mod though. It's fine if it's used alongside of the one commonly used NRaas Core Mod (ErrorTrap) or CmarNYC's XCAS full version, but I'm not sure it's meant to be used together with AwesomeMod.

None of these, meaning MC, XCAS, nor Consort's mod, should be changing existing genetic slider settings on existing sims just by virtue of being there, but their range changing effects are indeed global across all sims in your game.

I don't know about the effects on things like elixirs. That may take some trial and error to determine.

Some questions regarding Slider Multiple settings

Posted: November 9th, 2018, 6:26 pm
by kittykatmeow10
Oh, thank you for clearing that up. Based on the wording in the description, it wasn't clear on whether the Consort mod was providing functionality different from what was already possible with MC.
Yeah, I believe I encountered issues trying to use Consort's mod with Awesome, which is why I think I dumped it way back when. I hated doing it, though. I wish there was a way to have the two mods get along. I would dump Awesome, but I use the custom-made cheats and macro controls too often to dump it. 
Perhaps I will try some experimenting with the MC slider multiple and elixers/Body Sculptor. I'll report back if I find anything interesting.