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Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: October 26th, 2018, 7:51 am
by Elster
Hello there! I recently got back into playing Sims 3 and came across a bug with the Master Controller CAS (or Stylist), which I have experienced before, but can't for the life of me find a fix or workaround for.
I used the MC Stylist to make more than 3 outfits per category. Currently I have around 27 or so outfits alltogether (on one Sim) with the biggest category, everyday clothes having 10.
But now, whenever I try to make any changes to any outfit whatsoever, even just deleting outfits, some of the rest will be changed, so certain items like the top or glasses or necklace will be replaced by seemingly random items. I have no way of creating or altering outfits without ruining some of the others, which is driving me insane :(
I can't remember if I found a workaround a few years ago, when I encountered the same issue, but I can't find anything in regards to it online. I also tried deleting outfits, in case it's just too many (suddenly?), but the issue still appears. I even moved my household (just the Sims) to a new savegame but the issue is still present.

I would greatly appreciate any form of help or tips, since designing outfits is honestly one of the primary things I enjoy the most in the Sims. Also I'm sorry if this issue is due to a known limitation or something, but I couldn't find anything in regards to this kind of bug or what exactly might be causing it.

Thanks in advance!

PS: For clarification, while in Stylist, everything looks fine, but as soon as I accept the changes and leave CAS, some of my outfits will be altered randomly. Also saving the Sim in CAS and loading it will show the outfits altered (even in the thumbnail).

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: October 26th, 2018, 11:41 am
by igazor
Am not familiar with this issue, but I do have to ask. Does this happen only with a sim who has or at one point had 10 outfits in the same category (yes, that does sound like too many) or does it happen across the board even with those who have no more then 2 or 3? It may be that the overloaded sim(s) have become damaged.

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: October 26th, 2018, 12:27 pm
by Elster
Thanks for your answer! It also happens to a sim with far less than 10 outfits per category. Also while testing this, I just noticed, it seems like this primarily happens to clothing that doesn't belong to the category it's used in. It might just be a coincidence, I might simply not have noticed the others.
For example a everyday outfit using a bikini top or sleepwear is very likely to be affected.

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: October 26th, 2018, 12:34 pm
by igazor
Now that I've heard some kind of reports on although I've never seen it myself and I thought the issue was usually particular to accessories and not the regular CAS parts like tops, bottoms, and shoes. It's usually considered a better practice to change the nature of the CAS part types on the desired objects than lift the filter restrictions in MC, but that can be much more complicated to do and of course you probably don't want other sims picking up bikini or pajama tops for everyday randomly as they then might (or perhaps you do want this).

Let's see if the others here have anything more helpful to add.

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: October 26th, 2018, 12:43 pm
by Elster
Yes, changing the nature of each item would be quite drastic... not only that other random Sims would wear weird outfits, it would also be tons of items to convert. :(

What's so weird, I can't remember this being an issue from the beginning, but once it came up it now seems to haunt me. However it has been a few years since I played last time, so I can't remember how long this has been an issue and if it only came up once I lifted the restrictions and went a bit wild with which items I use in which category.
If there is anything specific I should test or anything I can share to find the cause for this (sreenshots/saves/etc.), I'll gladly do so.

Another oddity: It seems to never affect the outfit my Sims is wearing at the time of opening Stylist, even if it 's made of mixed items. Only the other, stored ones.

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: October 31st, 2018, 9:13 am
by Elster
Hello again, so I played around a bit to test this further and as it turns out the problem is simply that clothing from a "wrong" category won't be saved properly. It doesn't matter how many outfits the Sim has or if it's a completely new Sim.

E.g. Having one Everyday Outfit with a bikini top or sleepwear or the like, said item will not be saved properly on exiting the Stylist. Only the very outfit the Sim is wearing at the moment of entering the Stylist will be properly saved with an item of a "wrong" category.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this? :( It's somewhat pointless being able to remove the filter if it won't allow the outfits to be saved without issues.

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: January 31st, 2019, 4:24 am
by SacroSanctus
Hi! This issue seems to have made its way into my game as well. Whenever I make edits to my outfits using the stylist, where the 'edits' are items from the 'wrong' category, they are never saved unless, and this is where I differ from Elster, the edited outfit is the outfit I exit the stylist with, i.e. the last outfit I see before exiting the stylist. For me, the outfit the Sim wears at the moment of entering the stylist holds no bearing on what it will look like when exiting the stylist (if edits are made using clothing from the 'wrong' category). As with Elster, these 'wrong' category edits include bikini tops, bras, etc.

I've also noticed wrong category edits made directly using 'Edit in CAS' from the 'Advanced' menu will, again, have no affect on the outfit: once anther outfit is edited using the stylist or the 'Edit in CAS' option it will revert the edit to something else from its 'correct' category.

However, after a lot of a experimenting, I've also noticed this issue only seems to apply to the 'extra' Everyday Outfits (Everyday 2, Everyday 3, etc), i.e. 'Everyday 1' and every other outfit (Athletic, Formalwear, Outerwear, Sleepwear and Swimwear), including their 'extras', are totally unaffected by any wrong category edits made to them using the stylist; edits made to these outfits, even from the wrong category, will stay saved.

I do agree with Elster that it is a little disappointing that removing the filter has no affect on these outfits.


Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: May 20th, 2019, 7:37 pm
by Itsmaybethough
However, after a lot of a experimenting, I've also noticed this issue only seems to apply to the 'extra' Everyday Outfits (Everyday 2, Everyday 3, etc),
Sadly, for me that doesn't seem to be the case at all :(

I had this happen on multiple sims none of which had more than one outfit per outfit category, on one the glasses for the situation outfit would never save (even though there wasn't a second one), and for the other no unusual glasses would save on ANY outfit (with no extra outfits in any category). It's so unreliable that it is hard to use this at all since I feel like it might revert things any time undoing CAS work :cry:

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: June 4th, 2019, 5:03 am
by uno
I believe I may have the same issue. I have been slowly working on some new sims and saving them to the bin wherever I stop for the time. After I installed MasterController I noticed that their outfits were changed when I loaded the saved sims from the bin. For example, one sim's shirt changed to a different one a few spaces up the menu.

Also puzzling, some of the clothes and accessories I have downloaded are no longer showing up. I checked to make sure the missing content wasn't blacklisted or hidden by the organized display options but I still couldn't find that content and the package files are still in the mods folder so I think MasterController doesn't agree with them for some reason. There's no obvious pattern to which items are hidden.

Master Controller CAS messing up outfits

Posted: June 5th, 2019, 5:17 am
by Simsapience
This used to happen to me too. Do you have dresser installed? It stopped happening when I took it out, put it back and then reset all my dresser settings and cleared my caches. Also I don't go over 2 outfits per category.