Travelling game-breaking bugs

The only mod stopping your Sims from traveling to the abyss. Did you end up there anyway? We'll try to help.
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Post by StarkofGenius » September 19th, 2018, 3:29 am

Honestly, as far as saints are concerned, Igazor's more of an angel for all he does and puts up with. I just hope he (and yes, I'm also hoping you're reading this even though I'm referring to you in the third person xD) understands that I really do appreciate all the help and patience, even if it may sometimes not come across sufficiently through written text.
I'm probably as inept as you were, Puzzlez. Actually, probably even more. But live and learn, right? I never say no to learning new stuff.

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Post by igazor » September 19th, 2018, 8:08 am

I think "glutton for punishment" might be the term you are both reaching for. It's one that comes to my mind most readily. :)

Look, I appreciate all the kind words but would it make me seem any less saintly or angelic if I admitted that I couldn't care less about the broken Opportunity chains in this ongong game from the very beginning? My role here was to help get your sims from World A to World B and back again, and function normally so that things like taking photos, returning home, even crossing the street, would stop making the game crash or Error 12. Mission accomplished, what your sims can actually do on those vacations is to me of less concern even if it was originally the borked up opps that drove all of this.

And in case this isn't clear, in addition to being kind I suppose, it is entirely possible that I might be planning for my own retirement. Not saying that it's going to happen tomorrow or next week, but I'm bound to lose interest in this game eventually or at least be in need of a very long leave of absence. When I see a player/member with the uncanny ability and incessant motivation to help others with their games and the interest and capacity to "get it" when higher level techie things are explained to them (and it helps if they laugh at my corny jokes along the way), I am going to subconsciously or otherwise spend more time working with them not only for their own edification but because their contributions can only be of great help to players now and in the future no matter which roles they take up on various forums.

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Post by puzzlezaddict » September 19th, 2018, 7:35 pm

I guess a person like that would be useful to have around, if a bit much at times. If I ever meet someone who fits the description, I'll be sure to send them your way, and advise them to laugh at your jokes.

I do get it—you enjoy being helpful, but more generally, you enjoy seeing people being helped whether or not you're the one responding. (Especially with a game that can be cranky and difficult to handle but is still so beloved by its many fans.) But it has to be hard being the backstop for everyone, all the time—you're basically on-call for the tech and mod issues for an entire community of players. Even someone who loves to help might get tired of doing this every single day. And everyone deserves a vacation. (Still, please let it be a vacation and not a retirement.) I just hope that the TS3 knowledge developed by the experts over the years is maintained and readily available to anyone who needs it going forward.

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