Take photo together NO MORE!!!

No one knows everything this mod can do. Did you know you can tune the size of your sims nostrils with this mod? I'm kidding.
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Take photo together NO MORE!!!

Post by sittingbear » May 12th, 2019, 8:56 pm

JohnL83, looks like Bluegenjutsu at Sims Asylum already has a tuning mod for what you want not sure how well it works but it's worth a try. You'll need to register for a free account before you can download or access the forums http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/forum/7-guests/
http://simsasylum.com/tfm/index.php?/to ... ersity-ep/

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Take photo together NO MORE!!!

Post by JohnL83 » May 19th, 2019, 10:09 pm

Hey, thanks everyone for all your time and input. I am so sorry I left this thread high and dry. It's been a busy couple of weeks back to work and I posted this back when I was still on medical leave. Then I kind of forgot. :oops:

I think I figured out that this photo thingy occurs along with the bonfire party. I'm assuming when EA added UL they tuned this in so sims would use the heck out of their cell phones and do that damn school cheer! In my OP here; My sims had a bonfire party the night before and it seems that the lingering effects of this has sims doing those party type actions for quite some time afterward. The only thing that got them back to "normal" was Igazor's suggestion of just resetting them whole town. I turned the school cheer off in Retuner months ago, but a few sims still did it at the party. I checked and they were the jock sims, so it made sense. At least they did stop that noise, though they kept taking photos with the family until the reset. I threw another bonfire in a whole different game and the same thing occurred and lasted until the next sim day, though in my game regarding my OP it went on for over a week!

I did take the time after reading the responses here to test a few things myself and I've found it's the parties that can get sims "stuck" doing certain actions that often are directly connected to the party. But not always! In my current instance all my sims in the house (this is a different game and town btw) threw a house party and for several days afterward they all kept making party drinks and turning on all the stereo's in the house! LOL It did eventually stop without a reset. And yet in another game, I threw another house party and things went back to normal after my sims went to sleep and back to work/school the next day. So it's a hit/miss thing apparently. I don't want to stop having parties so I guess I can just deal with it now that I know a reset will fix things if they get stuck acting as if the party is still going on.

Again, thanks for all your research Tropical Insomniac and Sittingbear and to everyone else as well. I guess I don't have to turn this action off. Though I do still get a few sims in all my games taking selfies with other household members, it's not nearly as often as it was and I don't throw a lot of parties, so hopefully this can be curbed.

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Take photo together NO MORE!!!

Post by Tropical Insomniac » May 19th, 2019, 11:21 pm

That's an interesting connection to the parties. You were very observant to notice that.

Now that you have seen that connection, I wonder if you can prevent the annoying actions when you throw a party by keeping all your active Sims busy so they never have a chance to engage in the party actions. I'm operating on the assumption that if they never do them at the party, they won't do them after the party.

One idea for keeping your Sims busy would be to start a jam session. I had a Juice Kegger at University recently where I started a jam session and not a single Sims did anything with the keg. They were all either part of the jam session or watching it.

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