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Links Redirect

Post by Susfri » July 29th, 2019, 7:04 pm

I'm a loooong time visitor to NRAAS, and have seen several url changes. After a meltdown of my sims games in 2017 (Windows 10?) I took a haitus, but now I'm back. And things I could do in my sleep before are lost to me, so I'm spending a lot of time researching how-tos. MANY people link to NRAAS, but unfortunately, the links are mostly broken due to the server migration. Welcome to your new home, by the way. I was wondering if a redirect script could be used to catch those links? Dunno if it's possible with a domain that isn't in your control anymore (wiki) but it would be nice. timesaving.

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Links Redirect

Post by igazor » July 29th, 2019, 7:36 pm

Hi there. We did manage to have redirects in place from the day we moved here (last Oct 1) for four months, but I'm afraid this is no longer possible and I believe most of the redirects only brought users to the main page and not to the internal one that they may have been seeking. We didn't actually exist at a domain of our own prior to being here, we were a customer of Wikispaces. So our address for almost six years or so was (our name) just like all of its other customers.

The company that owned Wikispaces still does so but has chosen to shut down that server entirely. Thus the redirects are no longer happening but they are the only ones who could arrange for such a thing. It's not like we can purchase the commodity away from them or do a redirect of a subdomain that never really was under our control.

It is our hope that once players find us here, which shouldn't be too difficult as the major search engines do bring anyone looking for us at least to the front door, they can then find what they were looking for or ask for assistance. The old site as it was as is also archived on the Wayback Machine, so many individual interior pages are still intact in that archive and be found that way by searching for their orginal URLs.

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