Kids and Teens won't go to custom school

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Kids and Teens won't go to custom school

Post by MangMang327 » July 26th, 2019, 11:53 am


I installed some custom schools for my kids, and every time I enroll them and it's time to go to school, the action of going to school will just vanish as if I cancelled it. It happens to every custom school except for the default one and home school (obviously). This are the custom schools I installed. ... chool.html ... -high.html ... tches.html

If they don't go to school it will say that my kids are skipping school

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Kids and Teens won't go to custom school

Post by igazor » July 26th, 2019, 12:27 pm

Well, the obvious things first (sorry if this is too obvious), but you have both the NRaas Careers mod and the Careers School add-on module in play? And do these things also happen if you enroll a teen in one of the custom private schools that comes with the NRaas mods (e.g, Arts at the Community Theater or Science at the Science Center, etc.)?

Also worth checking, if you have StoryProgression set to regard these schools as private, might the sims in question have "bad" formal outfits standing in for uniforms that should perhaps be replaced if they are unable to spin into them?

If none of that helps, this might be a better question for the creator of the custom schools. They were only just recently released and am I sure they would be able to help and would love the feedback.

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