Stopping sims from autonomously "serving" meals

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Stopping sims from autonomously "serving" meals

Post by emissary » June 27th, 2019, 4:17 pm

I have a problem in that all of my houses inevitably end up littered with rotting food because all my sims, when hungry, insisting on "serving" a meal instead of "having" one, thus producing an excess amount of multiple portioned meals. Is there a way to change this behavior and make them more likely to just cook a single serving for themselves?
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Stopping sims from autonomously "making" meals

Post by sittingbear » June 28th, 2019, 1:03 pm

If you mean when they cook to make just 1 serving yes and no. You can change the amount of servings made although the XML you would have to edit escapes me and I don't currently have time to look for it. But in doing so you'll most likely end up with an even bigger problem as it would affect the whole town you'll end up with a bunch of sims trying to cook all at the same time and lagging the game out due to routing errors caused by repeatedly queueing up the cook interaction.
You can try to disable autonomy for cooking but you could then end up with a town full of sims starving to death.

You can when your sims get hungry take control and direct them to the fridge to Eat Leftovers.
You can also direct them to Have a Quick Meal and if you have a microwave on the lot it gives more options. But quick meals are unsatisfying and they'll get hungry again faster. Sims rarely pick a quick meal for that reason and I don't see anyway offhand to change that.

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