Teen move only if moving with teen spouse

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Teen move only if moving with teen spouse

Post by Silvermetal » March 19th, 2019, 10:35 pm

What I want to achieve is basically have Teen "A" living in household "A" with original family, married to another teen "B" living in another household "B". Teen "A" and "B" should be able to move together to an empty household "C", just like when adult couples get married.

Things to consider:
I don't want teens moving alone, I only want to allow them to move IF they are going to move with their spouses.
I have Mover installed and households without adults is set to true.
All of this should work with teens from non-active households, I already know what to do when at least one teen is from my active household :P
Teen "A" moving to household "B" with teen "B" and vice versa is not exactly what I'm looking for (unless of course, if one of those teens was already living alone and not with their original family).

First, I think the option in SP > Caste options > Teenagers > Household: Allow move solo should be set to True, but I don't want this to backfire and make teens move out and live alone when they consider their households are too crowded, and that leads us to...
Second, what I think should be done is to set the option SP > Caste options > Teenagers > Household: Allow move caste to "Teenagers". However, I don't know if the actual teen that is trying to move would satisfy this filter or the filter doesn't consider the actual moving teen and looks for other sims that satisfy the filter.

Is my reasoning correct or that's not how I should do it? Any info and tips will be much appreciated :)

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