The lights are on but nobody is home

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The lights are on but nobody is home

Post by KevinL5275 » March 10th, 2019, 7:04 pm

Is there any fix for a townie inviting you to their party and then not being home when its time to start?

Even funnier is when they text you later and scold you for not attending.

I found a thread from our dear beloved Igazor here: ... ones-there

I have clicked on the house and used MC to tell the person to "go home" but I was wondering if there is a better way.

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The lights are on but nobody is home

Post by igazor » March 10th, 2019, 7:13 pm

I think the Go Home trick might be the best we can manage. Even when meteors are not falling on everyone, I could never seem to get the hosts to recognize that they even have a party going. They tend to do things like make (burn) a single serving of waffles for themselves, go into their bedroom with their partner/spouse (if they have one) and woohoo, then depending on the time of day/night go to sleep. If someone else has found a successful formula for getting inactive's parties to actually work well, I would love to hear it.

LOL at this thread's subject line, by the way. They've been saying that about me, among others I am sure, for a very long time now. :D

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The lights are on but nobody is home

Post by Tropical Insomniac » March 11th, 2019, 1:09 am

(There is definitely a Robert Palmer joke around here somewhere, but I sure can't find it.)

I also couldn't find any setting in the tuning that will directly make a Sim go home when it's time for the party they're hosting to start.

However, I think Sims are more likely to be at home the later it gets, so changing kChanceForcePreferredStartTime to 1 might help, since the preferred party start times for all days except Sunday are either 8:30 pm or 10 pm.

In Retuner, the setting is reachable under General > By Tunable XML > Sims3.Gameplay.Situations > NPCParty

The start times for each day of the week are in the same location, named as kPartyTimesSunday, kPartyTimesMonday, etc. In the list, item 0 is the earliest start time, item 1 is the latest, and item 2 is the preferred start time.

One last thing, if it's after 6 am in your game, any changes to these settings probably won't take place until the next Sim day. That's because the game decides at 6am each Sim day what parties will be thrown.

Disclaimer: I haven't tested any of these settings. Tuning settings can cause problems in games. If you try these settings out, please backup your game or test on an unimportant save.

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