Autonomy depending on mean traits ?

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Autonomy depending on mean traits ?

Post by Ossy » March 4th, 2019, 11:11 am

I have noticed that the autonomy between the adult-teen flirting is very different when one or both of them have certain "mean" traits. I have tested this for the last few years to confirm this. The one with the mean traits autonomously, doesn't flirt at all.

I have seen this happen and noticed:

Adults-Elders: Flirt automonously with eachother regardless of traits.
Adults-Elders with Teens: Flirt autonomously with each other regardless of traits, when no "mean" traits are involved on either side.
Adults-Elders with Teens: No autonomous flirting occurs if one or both include/have these mean traits.
Teen-Teen: Flirt autonomously with eachother regardless of traits.

I have many sims with mean traits that I have never seen any of them flirt autonomously between teens - adults/Elders.

I have a male adult sim with some mean traits who will do autonomous flirt with adult-Elder as normal, but not with teen sims at all. Another adult male with no mean traits will flirt with teens.

I have a male teen with some mean traits who will autonomously flirt with teen-teen as normal, but will not with adult sims at all. Another teen male with no mean traits will flirt with adults.

The male adult sim has mean traits who I haven't seen flirt with this teen female sim, but she will autonomously flirt with him as she has no mean traits. The same situation applies the other way round if the teen was mean and the adult without the mean traits. He would autonomously flirt and she autonomously wouldn't.

Mean Spirited trait is the main one but also possibly with diva, grumpy, hotheaded, evil traits too. With those ones, there's been at least less autonomy. I cannot confirm those this though.

Coulf somebody tell me why this could be causing this, and how to fix this please so that teen-adult/Elders can all flirt autonomously regardless if any of them have the mean traits? :)

The only way I have managed to get this to work is also giving all the mean sim romantic traits. So for example, the mean adult sim will be given the "flirty" and "Hopeless Romantic" traits. It has to be both of them to work. He will then flirt with the teen.

I really think this is a bug. Is it to do with attraction, preferences, scoring? I just don't know. I even put the chance of a flirt interaction on 100. Nothing. I tried everything.

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