Overwatch Making Skill Gain VERY Fast

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Overwatch Making Skill Gain VERY Fast

Post by MistCover » February 8th, 2019, 8:58 pm

Fatigues out, yeah. No skill effects on that I’m aware of.
Tried a new town, new sim. Athletic 0-3 in one session.
Installed relativity, set skill gain to 0.34, which seems to be approaching normal, although Logic will need to be yanked further down. If nothing else, this is a good work around!!

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Overwatch Making Skill Gain VERY Fast

Post by igazor » February 8th, 2019, 9:30 pm

I can tell you in advance of two others that might drive you crazy if you are sensitive to illogical or inconsistent skill gains. One is Charisma, my sims love to be sociable (much more than I do IRL) and that one always gets away from me no matter how much I throttle it back in Relativity. The other is the Artisan skill, the one we get if we have the glass blowing station that comes with the Prism Art Studio from the TS3 store. The skill gain is incredibly fast and that one is not responsive to mods like Relativity affecting it I think because it's a premium store item skill only -- although I never experience this with the Violin skill and that is premium store content as well.

But we all find ways, usually with MasterController at the ready to remove unwanted skill gains, to work around things like this in many cases without having to replay entire sim days where things just didn't end up with what we think are realistic results. And this kind of thing shows us that TS3 is one of the few games where so many players "cheat to lose" (or win slower) rather than the other way around. It's still all fun, though. :)

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