Consigner Allow Sell-All set to True - Still Can't Sell Space Rocks.

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Allow Sell-All set to True - Still Can't Sell Space Rocks.

Post by nikkeisimmer » January 5th, 2019, 9:43 am

As stated in Title: I've set Consigner "Allow Sell-All" to "true" - Still can't sell space rocks "to the consignment store or to the elixir shop" out of my inventory because it's not reading that those space rocks are in my sim's personal inventory or does it have to be in household inventory to be able to be sold? Just wondering what's up with that? Or is there a step that I'm missing?

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Allow Sell-All set to True - Still Can't Sell Space Rocks.

Post by TreyNutz » January 5th, 2019, 11:15 am

After setting "Allow Sell-All" to true did you click on "Apply"? See the documentation page. That might be the step you are missing. I customized a tuning mod for Consigner so that setting is always True in new games and might be why I don't need to use the Apply command. If that doesn't work maybe try deleting and replacing the register, or the entire lot, or resetting the lot with MC, although normally in my games none of those steps are necessary. Or maybe try canceling anything that's currently being consigned, use Consigner's Apply command, then try it again (there are some known bugs with consignment, I don't know what fixes the mod has for those).

Usually I use the elixir consignment shop (because it's open 24/7) and can sell space rocks from either inventory. I'm not sure whether sims can consign uncollected gems, metals, and rocks, which you can get from cloning samples on the science station or using MC to Add Object to (family) Inventory from the world lot. Gems and metals recovered from dumpster diving aren't 'collected' either. I mention this because my current sim has been cloning tiberium and pink diamonds on the science station and I noticed that the gems don't have value until I pull them out of his personal inventory and have him pick them up from the ground. If the space rocks haven't been picked up off the ground for some reason you might try pulling them out of inventory and having a sim picking them up.

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