Not installing properly?

The only mod stopping your Sims from traveling to the abyss. Did you end up there anyway? We'll try to help.
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Not installing properly?

Post by smb2311 » December 24th, 2018, 6:04 pm

Hi, Im new too Nraas Mods, so im not sure if im doing something wrong. but I downloaded the traveller mod , my game has the last patch that was updated in 2016. (ver.1.69.43), then went too extract the files, and it just shows up as a internet browser picture. and When I try too put it in my mods folder it doesnt register in my game. Can anyone PLEASE help me because this mod would be fantastic for my game. :(Â thanks!

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Not installing properly?

Post by igazor » December 24th, 2018, 6:19 pm

Hi there, and welcome to NRaas.

Sorry you're having trouble there, but may I ask if you have any mods or package based content working correctly in your game? Mods and other package based content do not go into Mods directly, they go into Mods\Packages or a subfolder inside of that and there must be a current version of the Resource.cfg file present in the correct place for any of this to work. ... _and_Files

If the Framework is already correct and you are adding things in the right place, have you cleared (deleted) the scriptCache.package file? It's one of the five cache files on the top level of the TS3 user game folder in Documents that should be deleted whenever the contents of Mods or Mods\Packages changes in any way.

How do you know that the mod is not loading? Are you not getting an NRaas > Traveler menu on City Hall or in-game computers or are you going by some other detection method?

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