Same 5 or so sims keep getting Unroutable Sim Found errors

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Same 5 or so sims keep getting Unroutable Sim Found errors

Post by kittykatmeow10 » October 18th, 2018, 8:27 pm

Hey there,

So this is an issue that has occured to me in more than one world. Repeatedly, the same 5ish sims keep giving me "Unroutable Sim Found: [simName]" notifications. I figured that when this would pop up that the NRAAS mods would fix the issue itself. However, the same sims keep generating these Unroutable Sim errors on almost a daily basis ingame, and I keep getting notifications for SP that these sims in question are "late for work" or "late for school".

I have almost all of the NRAAS suite mods installed (I'm only missing Animator, UntranslatedKey, and the mods that AwesomeMod already covers), but I figured with GoHere, Overwatch, and MasterController, that one of the three should be fixing these persistently stuck sims. The only other core mod I have installed is AwesomeMod. 
Performing a "Reset All" via MasterController only temporarily relieves the issue, and they end up getting stuck again somehow regardless of how many times I reset. 

Must I use the "resetsim" cheat to fix these sims every time they have issues? Why is it constantly the same 5ish sims that keep getting stuck? In my current world, it's all of the Bunch family members, and one inactive teenage sim I created myself, but I've seen stranger problems. The world isn't even that old yet (maybe only 2 sim weeks old), and I've turned off memories and other obvious game mechanics that bog down the save files. 

I figured maybe it was something due to poor routing at the school, but then again the adults in the Bunch household keep having issues too. But I don't really know. Any experts here that have any clue what might be going on? 

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Same 5 or so sims keep getting Unroutable Sim Found errors

Post by igazor » October 18th, 2018, 9:17 pm

The trick here is to not reset the sims as a reflex action nor allow Overwatch to do so. Instead, let OW report on the stuck/unroutable sim, stop what you are doing, and focus the game camera on where they are so you can hopefully find and fix the underlying cause for them. If a door/gate is stuck open, an elevator is malfunctioning, there is/are some objects in the way at home, among other examples, then the same thing will keep causing the same sims to get stuck in the same places otherwise.

The mods are capable of capturing errors that can otherwise be game breaking and report on them. The Auto-Reset is (to me) an only if all else fails type of solution. No mods can fix broken doors that need to be MC Reset or replaced or remove barriers in the way of sims' routing that just shouldn't be there.

NRaas > OW > Settings > Stuck Check > True
NRaas > OW > Settings > Stuck Check Auto-Reset > False

If the sim has already been reset, then they are in a safe place back on their home lot and it's too late to find the real cause of the problem.

If the issue is interior to their home lot, then MC > Open the lot to look inside and/or use testingcheatsenabled and a shift-click on the ground to get into Build/Buy on their lot if that is needed. But stuck objects like doors and gates can be reset with MC on the lot menu, NRaas > MC > Object Reset > Non-Inventory and find the object type on the list for that lot that seems to be the underlying problem.

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Same 5 or so sims keep getting Unroutable Sim Found errors

Post by sittingbear » October 19th, 2018, 4:18 am

There are a few objects I know of in Sunset Valley that will hang sims up. At the Landgrab Science Facility there is a sculpture that sims seem to get stuck on often also the hedges in front of the Science Facility also hang sims up.
After you remove the hedges you may need to copy the lot to the Bin and then bulldoze and replace it cause sometimes I noticed the game still thinks the hedges are still there and it messes with the lot routing.

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