Service sims not around and "Store Closed" + other glitchy behavior

Role Sims, homeless, service Sims, oh my. Something tells me we're not in Sunset Valley anymore.
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Service sims not around and "Store Closed" + other glitchy behavior

Post by kittykat999 » January 10th, 2018, 11:48 am

I keep having issues in multiple worlds involving register sims not being around and the register is unusable, despite the fact that a sim is assigned the the register and has nowhere else better to be. I don't have any resident sims operating registers, only homeless sims.
This has happened most often with the alchemy store, but I have also seen it happen with the consignment store and the WA registers. It's really bothersome, and I don't really know why it keeps happening. Sometimes assigning a different homeless sim to the register will fix it, but other times it won't.

Also, a more recent issue I've discovered is the Festival registers not behaving correctly. I tried having a sim order food from a festival booth, but despite him visibly talking to the sim running the booth after selecting the "Buy" interaction, no option to actually purchase food appears, and the interaction ends shortly after my sims tries talking to them. I tried having him order food probably about 6 or 7 times, but the same thing happened each time. This issue may be unrelated to Register, but since it involves a Register position I thought it was worth mentioning.

This sim in particular was already having issues regarding festival interactions. I had them join the eating contest, but the interaction dropped by itself and he didn't participate in it when the starting bell actually rung on two separate occasions. The eating contest booth does not appear to be glitched, because another active sim was able to compete in it without any issues.

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Post by igazor » January 10th, 2018, 4:38 pm

On the Role Sims not staffing their assigned stations, what is it that they are doing? Mine wander away to take care of their own needs from time to time, even though Register is supposed to do this for them, but they don't typically go very far. Can you MC > Focus on them to find out where they have gone? Is it possible that they are overdue to age up (MC > Status > Personal)? That last one can be a sticking point for Role Sims, they can't age up while on-screen but Register keeps pushing them back to their assigned stations so sometimes they essentially become stuck.

And sometimes they are just goof-offs, but that kind of thing would tend to be trait-related.

On the festival thing I have no idea, but would suggest trying a test run with only NRaas mods in play to see if something else is interfering with these interactions.

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