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Re: Overwatch and Bridgeport

Post by NanoSeven » April 27th, 2017, 11:36 am

Was playing Bridgeport yesterday and had my sim form a band. The band members met up at the Civic center area and started to jam, but Overwatch kept wanting to reset my sim (the drummer) and move him back to my home.

Taking some info from igazor's post regarding turning off unroutable sim resets:
On City Hall or an in-game computer:
NRaas > Overwatch > Settings > Stuck Check (as to whether OW bothers to notice)
NRaas > Overwatch > Settings > Stuck Check Auto-Reset (switch to False if you don't want this)

If I change that second setting to false, will OW still tell me about stuck sims without resetting them?

Just want to make sure I'm changing the right setting for what I need.

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Post by igazor » April 27th, 2017, 5:18 pm

Settings > Stuck Check > True
Settings > Stuck Check Auto-Reset > False

This combo should cause OW to continue reporting on sims it thinks are stuck but not actually reset them automatically, so yes that is correct. Note that as of one of the later patches, the game has its own stuck check and reset routine, sometimes it's not easy to tell which one is at work at any given time. But why either one would suspect a sim playing in a band as "stuck" still I think remains a mystery.

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