Missing sim icons or not loading at all

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Missing sim icons or not loading at all

Post by Amczek » March 17th, 2019, 10:25 pm

I've never used Master Controller since TS2, I have a fresh TS3 game, one family so far.
I wanted to disable story progression in 2-3 families only, but I cannot make game working with MC.

If I download Master Controller I'm missing sim icons (and I cannot do anything, animations in the background works, but sims don't move at all).
If I download Master Controller Progression whole game won't load.

When I remove package file from mods/packages all thing works again properly.

I have latest patch (1.67) installed, all expansion packs.

Any help here?

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Missing sim icons or not loading at all

Post by igazor » March 17th, 2019, 10:42 pm

Hi there. Let's take a step back, if we could.

MasterController is a base mod. It is a player controlled command center (do this, become that, have this career, wear this outfit, go over there, come back home). It has four optional add-on modules (like MC Cheats and Integration). It has nothing to do with progression, directly. In addition, it provides an optional replacement for EA's version of CAS.

StoryProgression is a base mod. Its purview is not to order sims around like MC's is, it is to set guidelines for overall sim behavior and to control the automated progression of not actively played sims in town in an orderly (or chaotic if you like) manner. Is has six optional add-on modules (like SP Extra, Career, Population) and six optional add-on personality modules (like Cops and Robbers, Lovers, Meanies).

One of the MasterController add-on modules is called MC Progression. This one is unusual, it is a bridge between the MC and the SP base mods. It will crash the game on startup every time if BOTH base mods are not also present. What it does do, when things are working correctly and BOTH base mods are in play, is offer up a way to get into SP game options through the MC interface. But it does not by itself provide or control story progression, it's more of a user convenience module.

On the installation issue you are having, I have to ask do any of your package files from other sources work correctly? If you add in the MC base mode alone, nothing else, and clear (delete) the scriptCache.package file on the top level of your TS3 user game folder in documents, does the mod load and does the game work correctly? We can go from there, but it doesn't make sense to troubleshoot story progression if this first base mod alone is causing problems.

And finally, what patch level is your game on and is this a retail disc, Origin, or Steam install (or from some other source, if so which one)?

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