i can't have more than 8 sim's

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i can't have more than 8 sim's

Post by rivenknows » December 29th, 2018, 4:41 pm

I cant have 8 sims in the house i have set it true in the Nraas options
and in the woohooer i have set the limits in 20

and one more question how to use the travelers mod?

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i can't have more than 8 sim's

Post by TreyNutz » December 29th, 2018, 6:14 pm

1. The mod you need depends on how you are trying to add sims to the household. See this link from the Which Mod FAQ. MC's setting only affects MC commands, not in-game methods of adding sims to the household (ask to move in, TFB, cloning, adopting, etc.). Also, at least in my experience, you cannot clone sims via the science station in overstuffed households, and TFB in an Ambitions time machine won't add a sim to an overstuffed household either. So, if you are attempting to add to the household with those methods then you might have to temporarily move sims to another lot (I use MC's Add Sim to do this).

Since you asked about Woohooer, I'll guess that you want to add a baby though TFB in an overstuffed household. Did you change this setting?
NRaas>Woohooer>Try For Baby>Species: Human>Maximum Occupants for User Directed>0 (unlimited)
A setting of 20 should allow TFB when there are less than 20 sims in the household. I usually keep it at 0. The similar setting under General is for autonomous TFB (AFAIK), if you've enabled that under the TFB settings.

2. Install it. :) Traveler will automatically handle traveling when your sims travel. If you want to send teens to university you also need the Careers mod and change 'allowable travelers' in Traveler's settings to enable teens. You can change Traveler settings by clicking on any computer or city hall if you need to.

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