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ScriptError everytime

Post by erickorigin » May 7th, 2019, 3:38 am

igazor wrote:
May 4th, 2019, 3:55 pm
Much more readable, thanks. The Portuguese is not a problem, it's when the text all ran together combined with the language difference that I couldn't make enough sense out of the log. As Chain said, those are world lot routing errors that are annoying but not harmful and the GoHere mod should clear them up for you.

Let's talk about these retired career sims for a moment. When a sim is a Role Sim, either homeless or within their own proper households, they are assigned to a role giving object in town such as a cash register, bouncer ropes, LateNight professional bar, stylist or tattoo station. There's a few special cases such as the Paparazzi and Uni Mascots that are Global Role Sims (they have no specific object assignment). The game classifies these sims as "Retired" so they don't keep getting dragged into regular careers. StoryProgression does not progress careers on these sims because role assignments are not proper careers with levels and career metrics.

When you give such a sim a proper job either by way of MasterController or by playing them yourself, that does not remove their role assignments. NRaas Register should be used on the assigned object first to do this, or on City Hall for the global examples. A sim that has both a role assignment and a proper career will be pushed in both directions at the same time and things will not work out well for them or your town. Role sims can be homeless or residents, but they should not be part of an actively played household as that will make their role assignment unstable.
Uoow! Ok, I'm feeling more happy now because the mod "go here" made my game stop generate logs of error, so its excelent! And about the work... God, it will be litle dificult! HAHA so, thankyou about the explanation and your time helping me *--

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