NRAAS hotkey to open (for mapping to alternate controller)

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NRAAS hotkey to open (for mapping to alternate controller)

Post by kittykatmeow10 » November 11th, 2018, 10:31 pm


So I'm working on a little experiment (partially for one of my computer science classes, but this is mainly for myself) that involves hooking up a wiimote to my PC to do stuff. Basically, I've been using this handly little piece of software called Glovepie, which allows you to map certain input buttons (such as a key press or a mouse click) to another device, in this case a Nintendo Wii remote.

I've been writing my own script so I can play TS3 with my Wiimote, and I have certain ingame hotkey commands linked to different buttons on my remote. Yes, I know it's kind of silly to do this, but my class encourage experimenting with our input devices in such a manner. 
As a basic example, pressing the A button on my remote is the same as a click. I can move the mouse cursor by holding B down on the remote and moving the remote in the direction I wish to move the mouse. 
I mapped camera controls to the d-pad for moving the camera, and to the nunchuck controller for zooming in/zooming out and rotating the camera. 
The software supports multiple key presses mapped to one button, and multiple buttons mapped to one key press, so you could potentially get pretty complex with mapping buttons on the wiimote (considering the wiimote doesn't have very many buttons to begin with). 

But anyways, enough of that. I find myself poking around in NRAAS (especially MC) more and more. I want to map opening the "NRAAS..." interactions menu to one of the buttons (or a combination of buttons) on my wiimote. Does NRAAS have any sort of hotkey combinations associated with it? Like I know AwesomeMod has its special interactions mapped to [ctrl] + [shift] + [LMB], and I know EA has their special debug interactions (when testingcheats is on) mapped to [ctrl] + [LMB]. I just wanna be able to click on a sim/object and jump straight to the NRAAS menu without having to dig through the other interactions the object has first. 

If there isn't any hotkeys linked to NRAAS or any of its mods, I understand. It would be nice if I had the option open to me to map it to something on my remote, though. 

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