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Post by sheridanhoughton » May 5th, 2019, 9:41 pm

It is interesting that so many of you prefer the EA worlds. I am unable to play them, as they are all too big to run easily on my machine. So I use custom worlds that I have downloaded. And they are all fairly small. I am such a bookkeeper/librarian that I have started a spreadsheet of all the worlds I have downloaded, with information such as whether or not they have roads, dive sites etc, and other comments. I also take screen shots of them and put them in the folder where I keep them when not in use, so that I remember which is which. My favourites would be Bayou Beach and Mayfair Island (thanks littlelambsy, for putting me onto this one). I like Winchester Farming Community, but even it is a bit big after a few generations. I am also playing Red Oak Vulcan and Lucid Cove at the moment. And I use Suva Diva Resort as a holiday destination for those sims who live in a cold climate.

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Post by littlelambsy » May 5th, 2019, 10:11 pm

LBillusion, I looked at SimMeapolis and it overwhelmed me LOL It seems quite big and City like for my taste, but I have to admit worlds from My Sim Realty are excellent. One of my favorites from there is Salmon Woods.

Sheridan, I do the same thing with worlds. I have a sheet with all the worlds I've downloaded and notes on whether they have beaches, are dark, small, big etc, and also I make notes on how they play, the problems I've had in that world and why I ditched it. Glad you like Mayfair Island, that is a keeper and so cute.
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