Question about apartment and apartment mod

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Question about apartment and apartment mod

Post by bn4mtyg8d » February 20th, 2019, 7:21 pm

I have a question/questions about apartment and apartment mod.

So, here is what I wanted to do:
1. Single House
2. Family 1 / Group 1 for Unit 1- Landlord Self or Landlord + family members (Don't want to control and let have autonomy)
3. Family 2 / Group 2 for Unit 2 - My sim (Controllable)
4. Family 3 / Group 3 for Unit 3 - Roommate (Any Gender)
5. Family 4 / Group 3 for Unit 4 - Roommate (Any Gender)
6. Family 5 / Group 3 for Unit 5 - Roommate (Any Gender)
7. Family 6 / Group 3 for Unit 6 - Roommate (Any Gender)
8. Family 7 / Group 3 for Unit 7 - Roommate (Any Gender)

Is above possible for me to do?

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Question about apartment and apartment mod

Post by MissPatTS3 » March 11th, 2019, 5:56 pm

Hello @bn4mtyg8d!

If I understand correctly from your description, you're looking to play a household on a rental lot where:
  • The 1st apartment will be for the Landlord with or without family and the people in this apartment will not be controllable.
  • The 2nd apartment will be for your sim and his/her family, who will be controllable.
  • And there will be 5 additional apartments for NPC roommates, who are not controllable by nature.
The total of separate apartments will be: 7.
The total of household members for this apartment gameplay will be: 7 if the Landlord and your sim remain singles or 8+ if the Landlord / your sim both end up having large families (say 2 families of 4 people in those 2 apartments).

If what I just described is correct, then here is my feedback and I'm sure others can jump in and add more thoughts (also keep in mind that I haven't tried your specific scenario so my answer is purely based on my personal experience with the Apartment mod:)
  • You can make the Landlord/lady and his/her family non controllable. You will need to install both NRaas MasterController base mod and the "Cheats" module, so you can use the following command to make the sims of your choice non-controllable: NRaas > MC > (Sim) > Advanced > Selectability.
  • You can have a household with more than 8 people. You will need to install the NRaas Portrait Panel mod to handle such a large household.
  • You can't make your Landlord sim both an NPC and the one that receives the rental fees from your controllable sim + the NPC roommates.
    • From my personal experience & understanding, the Apartment mod considers the playable sim(s) in the household as the legitimate Landlord(s).
    • So from your scenario, if you make your Landlord sim an NPC using the MasterController command above, it will be charged for rent on Fridays and the money will be given to your controllable sim.
  • The "Landlord" feature of the Apartment mod is actually only working properly in 2 distinct scenarios:
    • when charging rent from NPCs on your rental lot (NPC roommates or sims turned into NPCs via MC)
    • when your active family purchases rental lots in your town, where they DO NOT also reside. Indeed, on Fridays, these separate lots will be automatically charged rental fees by the Apartment mod and add the money to your active household's funds.
      • So ideally, your Landlord sim would not live with his tenants. He'd purchased the empty rental lot first, and then only would your controllable sim(s) and your NPC roommates move in, so they will be charged rental fees on Fridays and the money will be automatically added by the Apartment mod to the separate household funds of your Landlord sim.
Does it help? Let me know if you need me to clarify anything (or everything for that matter).

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